Informed communities are better communities

Jan 20, 2022

The Community Builder Project is up and running!

In partnership with the Google News Initiative, we’re looking at how local news content and delivery can better serve readers, viewers, and listeners. That’s our purpose; that’s what we’re about. And the best part? We need as much input as possible—from you, from your neighbours, from your neighbours’ neighbours. It’s a collaborative undertaking, after all. The more voices, the better.

Basically, the Community Builder Project is a research initiative, and it focusses on five themes:

  1. Depth of reporting and analysis
  2. Diversity of storytelling and underserved demographics
  3. Nurturing of local reporters and content creators
  4. Allocation of time and resources to unattended topics
  5. Delivery through contemporary, user-friendly platforms

We understand that the way we keep informed is changing, and our goal is to help ensure that local reporting is robust and relevant while increasingly innovative and imaginative. Crucially, want to see journalism thrive in small cities, towns, and rural areas that are underserved by big-city media.

Informed communities are better communities. We really believe that, and we want to help community news to thrive in the digital age.

Here’s where you come in.

By taking a quick survey, you’ll provide important data that will help shape the future of local news in your region. And if you’d like to participate further, consider joining an online focus group. (Please note that, for the moment, focus groups are limited to High River, Moose Jaw, Steinbach, and Okotoks.)

We’re excited to hear what you have to say! It’s your community. Don’t miss this chance to help build it up through stories that matter.